Producing Exhibits From Human Bodies: What Bo Xilai Should Be Tried for

Rising star in Chinese politics Bo Xilai, accused of numerous crimes (right) and his wife Gu Kailai. In the center, Neil Heywood killed by Gu Kailai.

From August 22 to 26 of 2013, in the Chinese city of Jinan took place a trial against disgraced official Bo Xilai, but his true crimes were not spoken of during the trial.

Even today continues the forced removal of organs from healthy people, mostly Falun Gong practitioners, with the guarantee of receiving any compatible organ for wealthy patients within a week. This is only possible in China. However, it seems even that does not satisfy the insatiable thirst for money for some of those in power. They went much further, taking up the production of exhibits of human bodies and using them for commercial exhibitions.

Below are audio recordings of telephone conversations by Epoch Publishing investigation and the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. The group, led by Kevin Yang, made about 80 calls to the clinic in China, posing as patients ready for transplant surgeries:

Clinic Zhongshan based in Fudan University (Fudan) Shanghai, March 16, 2006:
Question: I need a good healthy kidney from a living person. You’re not going to give me a kidney of a dead person?
Answer: Of course, we will give you a good kidney, why would we give you a bad one?

Question: Do you have kidney Falun Gong followers? I heard these are very good.
Answer: Everything that we have, specifically like that.

Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, March 30, 2006 :

Question: Among organs for transplantation are there, for example, organs obtained from living people who practice Falun Gong?
Answer: Of course.

Question: Can you guarantee a sufficient number of living donor organs, such as from prisoners, such as those who practice Falun Gong?

Answer: Absolutely! Please come in, at your convenience, and we will discuss the details.

Escape to the U.S. consulate
Wang Lijun
Wang Lijun

The following events may seem like an excerpt from a detective novel, but it’s the actual story of the elite of Chinese society. February 6, 2012, dismissed from the chief of city’s police services in China metropolis of Chongqing, Wang Lijun attempted to escape to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu in China. Stunning the world, the escape of the police chief started the beginning of the crisis of the political system of the country. His supervisor at the time was a former member of the Politburo of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), Bo Xilai. From the testimony of the witness Guo Veyguo it was learned that when Wang Lijun asked Bo Xilai a question about the involvement of his wife, Gu Kailai, in the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood, Bo in response “angrily rebuked Wan” and even “hit him in the face.”

After that the police chief was demoted and three of his colleagues were arrested. Wang’s house was put under strict surveillance. Fearing for his life and wanting revenge, Wang Lijun, disguised as an old woman, went to the U.S. consulate, where he spent more than 24 hours. However, he was denied political asylum, and was handed to the Beijing leadership.

The main thing that Lijun revealed to Americans, was an impending coup in China and the forced removal of organs from living people, mostly Falun Gong practitioners. The head of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of CPC Central Committee at that time Zhou Yongkang, had stolen billions of.

Yuan and longed to become the head of the CCP. succeeding ready to occupy this position, Xi Jinping.

At the head of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, according to the plan of the conspirators, was to get Bo Xilai. However, when the American consulate did not provide Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun with political asylum and passed him to the Beijing authorities, the plot was discovered.

Later, Wang Lijun, for his flight to the US embassy, was accused of treason and concealment of crimes known to him the details of his wife Bo Xilai, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. Just in March 2014 was arrested Zhou Yongkang who was preparing the coup. Will he be tried for crimes against humanity, torture, deprivation of life and forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners? It remains unclear. While some observers argue that Zhou really will be charged in all this, and he will not avoid the death penalty.

Bo Xilai was found guilty only of “serious misconduct,” bribery, and “sexual relations with many women.” This is exactly how his sentence was read, and he is now in prison serving a term of life imprisonment. However, listed crimes committed by Bo, a former promising politician from the highest of the CCP ranks – just a few of the atrocities committed by him and his colleagues. Crimes against humanity.

Jiang Zemin
Jiang Zemin

It all started in when in 1999 when the former CCP Secretary Jiang Zemin, fell ill with paranoia, and became envious of the extraordinary popularity of peaceful practice of Falun Gong. He gave asecret decree: “Apply all measures to eradicate Falun Gong.” Among the many people ready to commit any crime for power and money, was Bo Xilai. Thus began the genocide of Falun Gong practitioners in China, which has continued for 14 years.

About Falun Gong: Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa) is an ancient system of cultivating the mind and body, which is based on principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.” First introduced in China by Master Li Hongzhi in 1992, it has become extremely popular. The basic principles of the system of self-improvement positively affect morale and in combination with gentle exercises provide health benefits for people’s wellbeing.

However, Jiang demanded, through torture, that Falun Gong practitioners renounce their beliefs. He established the ” 610 Office,” i.e. Chinese Gestapo. If Falun Gong practitioners had died, their death was declared a suicide. Corpses were burned even without specifying the names of the victims. Later began the forced removal of organs from Falun Gong practitioners, which is outlaw in China and throughout the world.

According to reports from the website Minghui, Bo Xilai took office in Chongqing and had spent 17 billion yuan for the construction of 500,000 detention cells. In 2009, he appointed the now famous Wang Lijun as the police chief ofChongqing. Since then, the number of reports of arrests and torture of Falun Gong practitioners in Chongqing has increased dramatically. Bo was also responsible for the case when 18 women who practiced Falun Gong, were stripped naked and thrown into cells of male criminals. After each of his visits to the camp several practitioners were brutally tortured. During the time of Bo Xilai’s command in Chongqing, about 20 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death.

Production of exhibitions from human bodies

In August of 1999, a businessman from Germany, Gunther von Hagens, discovers the plastination method and first patented his invention in 1979. He registered his business,The von Hagens Plastination Company, in the Chinese city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. Dalian mayor at the time was none other than Bo Xilai. Bo personally presented von Hagens with the “Xinghai Friendship Award” and awarded him the title of “Honorary Citizen of Dalian.” Sui Hongjin, a disciple of von Hagens, created von HagensPlastinationcompanyat Dalian Medical University.

Why did Bo Xilai need the company and why was he so strongly supportive their founder? The so-called plastination is actually producing artifacts from human bodies. Through a special vacuum saturation process in the human body, fluids are replaced by polymers such as silicone rubbers and epoxy resins. The von Hagens exhibits made of human bodies, which can be purchased for 69,615 euros, can be used for commercial exhibitions. According to the statement from Hagens, he chose Dalian as a place for production “thanks to the support of the government, low wage workers, as well as a large source of human bodies.” But traditionally in China after death, the human body must be buried. Where were these bodies coming from?

Initially, Von Hagens Company did experience difficulties due to lack of bodies, but when the mass killing Falun Gong started, the business picked up remarkably quickly. According to knowledgeable sources, arrested Falun Gong practitioners were transported from Beijing in Liaoning province. It was there that their organs were removed while they were still alive and their bodies sold. Unprecedented was this desecration of humanity. Money to the pockets of the participants in this transaction flowed freely. It is no wonder that the amount of money taken out of China by Bo Xilai and his wife, is valued in billions of dollars.

It is assumed that Gu Kailai (wife of Bo Xilai) was a major participant in the trade of human bodies and organ sales. A Briton Neil Heywood, who was her consultant knew too much and had already begun to talk about the situation with others. That is why, instead of relying on others, Gu Kailai herself poisoned Neil. Can the Chinese authorities talk about such brutal crimes of the CCP by Politburo member Bo Xilai and his wife? Of course not. That is why the trial of Gu Kailai, who was sentenced to death with a two-year grace period, and then Bo Xilai, was just a farce.

Von Hagens’ Exhibition of human bodies is visited by tens of millions of people, and continues to this day. On May 29, 2008 the company Premier Exhibitions Inc., the American agent of the plastination company, during their exhibitions warned visitors that “the source of what you see, could be prosecuted and executed prisoners in China.” This is a direct reference to the fact that the source of the bodies were the Chinese police.

The article “Bodies at an Exhibition – New questions about the origin of plastinated human specimens now touring the world,” published on July 29, 2013 in the journal ‘The Weekly Standard,’ authoered by journalist Ethan Gutmann. He provides an excerpt from an e-mail written in late 2001 by the student of von Hagens, Sui, to his teacher which was intercepted by the German news magazine Der Spiegel: “This morning at the plant were delivered two fresh corpse of the highest quality. Livers were removed just a few hours ago … “

Estimated by Ethan Gutmann, “…in 2000 and 2001 from 500,000 to 1,000,000 practitioners were incarcerated, and … a large number of secret operations delivered at the von Hagens factory plentiful supply of corpses of adults from 25 to 40 years with no external wounds.”

In order to conceal the diabolical crimes of harvesting organs across the country and the establishment of conveyor of corpses to the factory Von Hagens Communist government in Dalian in Liaoning Province slanders Falun Gong, which follows the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance” to such an extent that to utter the word “Falun Gong” China is unsafe. The CCP tried to impose their persecutory position on the world, but their attempts have failed. Legal proceedings have been instituted in many countries against Jiang Zemin and his accomplices for the genocide of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

“The problem is not limited to Bo personally, it is a problem of the whole system,” – said Hu Xingdou, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology employees, to “Voice of America.” In other words, many high-ranking Chinese officials got involved in these crimes. Fearing forthcoming retribution and afraid to appear before the court, these CCP leaders and their accomplices continue this senseless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

That’s all we wanted to tell the world today, we ask readers to make their own conclusions.

Elena Shelberova