There’s a reason why Sun Chlorella is the most digestible

Recommended Daily Serving for Chlorella: Adults and Kids

If you’ve ever been into a health foods store, you know that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the different kinds of supplements available. All of them tout amazing benefits and want to be the supplement that makes it into your basket and goes home with you.

Of all the available supplements, chlorella is among the best. Sun Chlorella manufactures a unique brand of pulverized cell wall chlorella, which gives you more access to all the amazing nutrients packed inside.

Chlorella is a freshwater green algae, packed full of nutrients. It contains chlorophyll, and is one of the only known plant sources of active Vitamin B12. It’s packed with protein and nucleic acids, and also Chlorella Growth Factor to help your cells repair and renewal process.

It’s important to understand the correct recommended serving size of any supplement you take. Chlorella is typically measured in milligrams or grams, and usually comes in granules, powder, or tablets. Tablets usually come in 200mg or 500mg, granules in 3 gram packs, and powders in 6 gram packs. Most adults take between 3 and 6 grams of chlorella every day. Sun Chlorella is also a great addition for children as well. However, for infants age 2 and younger, we encourage you to seek the advice of your pediatrician before adding any new natural health supplements to your infants’ diets. Children between the ages of 2 and 15 should take the number of 200mg tablets that corresponds to their age. For example, you should give a 3-year old 3 (200mg) Sun Chlorella Tablets. Before taking chlorella, consult with a doctor to see what their recommendations are based on any conditions you may have.

When you start taking chlorella, start with a small amount. Gradually take more, every couple of days, giving your body time to adjust to the addition of the amazing nutrients chlorella offers. Your body will have an easier time adjusting to the addition of the nutrients if you add it in slowly. Maybe it’s best for you to take some with your daily meals, or simply take it during the day with water. Either is fine.

Chlorella is here to help support your life, and boost your health. It’s important to make sure you’re taking the right amount.. If you want to know more about the amazing benefits chlorella has to offer, or you want to try it, check us out.


Through independent nutritional analysis, Sun Chlorella offers the most absorb-able nourishment you can digest from the chlorella plant. We harvest the consummate chlorella species, Chlorella pyrenoidosa , using our advanced DYNO®-Mill system. This process, which does not use heat or chemicals like other brands, ensures the highest level of bio-available nutrients of the chlorella plant cell (90%). Quite simply, Sun Chlorella gives you the ability to digest more of this superfood’s power than any other chlorella product. It is true, not all chlorella are made the same. There is a profound, measurable difference. See below to shop 3 different forms of Sun Chlorella – tablets, granules, and powder.

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